Quotes from Candidate Mikel Walker:

What leadership experience do you have that you can use as a city council member?

  • “With my experience on EMS and the fire department, I was able to have empathy for people that are in difficult times, and they’ve opened up their hearts and souls to me and told me the deep concerns that’s in their hearts and what they’re going through with their lives and I feel I have the ability to react to people. I have a lot of common sense and I’d like to convey that with the city council.”

What sets you apart as a city council candidate?

  • “I consider myself a voice of reason in turbulent times. I listen. I’m available. I research every issue that comes up before the city council before we vote. I love Rexburg. I was raised here. I raised my family here. I’ve owned businesses here, so I love Rexburg and the people that call it home. And, I just feel that I’m able to represent them well and listen to their needs and adjust them as best we can.”

What challenges do you see in Rexburg that have you concerned?

  • “The growth. Rapid growth is a big concern. We’re the second-fastest-growing small city in the United States, one of the fastest-growing in Idaho, and with BYU-Idaho getting bigger every year, we have rapid growth as a big issue.”

Quotes from Candidate Colin Erickson:

What leadership experience do you have that you can use as a city council member?

  • “The experience I have is that I’ve been involved with the community for a lot of years. I know this community. I love this community, and I know the city government also. I’ve been involved with budgets, also looked at safety for the community, and also seen the major growth when Rick’s college was changed over to BYU-Idaho. So, I feel like I have a good vision of the city and what is out there, and I would like to just be involved, and be a helping hand, be a part of the solution, and be able to move the city forward as we continue to have major growth.”

What sets you apart as a city council candidate?

  • “One reason why I’m running is I’ve served the community, like I said, for 29 years. I’ve been in law enforcement for over 30, in fact almost 32–33 years, and I just feel like it's time to maybe do something else. And, I still want to serve. I still want to be a part of the solution. I still want to be out there to do some things for the community and not just retire, go off, and fish or do something else.”

What is the most pressing issue you’d like to address if elected to city council?

  • “To be a part of the solution, you’ve gotta be able to listen, and I want to be involved. I want to be out there being seen around in the schools, in the college, around the town, and be able to let people talk to me and listen. And I’ll tell you, I might not make all the right decisions, but I’ll try to do my best to make the best decisions."
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