Quotes from Candidate Robert Chambers: 

Tell us about yourself.  

  • “About 26 years of my work experience has been working with local government, and I’ve found that I have a passion for it. I enjoy it. It’s new and its different. It’s exciting every day, and I love the challenge that comes with it, figuring out ways to solve problems that confront our community and its people.” 

What challenges do you see in Rexburg that have you concerned? 

  • “I’ve always taken the position that if you focus first on the basics and then expand out from there, usually you find a way to get what the residents want done, but I think you have to start with those basics and work outward, and I think Rexburg does very well in that.” 

Why is Rexburg special to you? 

  • “Well, I love the people. I love the university. I love the geographic area of the community, the recreational opportunities that exist here and beyond. I love its proximity to Island Park and Yellowstone, and I love the downtown. You don’t see too many downtowns like Rexburg, and I really like that. It’s walkable and it’s busy and there’s things to do.” 

Quotes from Candidate Brad Wolfe: 

What leadership experience do you have that you can use as a city council member? 

  • “It’s interesting because a lot of people don’t think that city government has anything to do with business, but it is a business. And I think my background in being in charge of my business since for over 40 years comes as a great benefit to the city. And as far as being a leader, I don’t know that I consider myself a leader. I just consider myself a servant that enjoys doing what he can to make a better life for everybody.” 

What sets you apart as a city council candidate? 

  • “I was a contractor for about 40 years, and I’m very familiar with construction and the needs and so zoning comes into play very often in the city. I think my knowledge there helps me be a little more understanding and level-minded and being able to look at it from a construction-type base. And besides that, I’m a good guy.” 

Why is Rexburg special to you? 

  • “When I left Rexburg in 1972, it was not a place that I thought I would ever return to, and after 40 years of being gone, I had the opportunity to retire (or thought I was going to retire), and of all the places in the world, we decided to come to it was Rexburg, Idaho. It’s just the feeling here, the people. There’s just so many great people here that want to do the right thing, and that’s what I like.” 

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BYU-Idaho Radio · 2021 Rexburg City Council Race Interviews