BYU-Idaho Radio · Dan Peterson's Devotional Address on seeking and listening to the Spirit

Seek, act, listen, receive was the formula that made up the talk the BYU-Idaho devotional speaker gave this week. 

“I have worked on this campus for 27 years, and have served in campus wards in different callings for many of those years,” said Dan Peterson, the end user technologies manager for BYU-Idaho. “I have watched young people in the process of making life’s discussions, as well as many coworkers and employees making life’s choices. I have noticed that those who were most successful used a simple formula: Seek, Listen, Act and Receive.” 

BYU-Idaho Radio · Dan Peterson talks on how we can find answers that we seek

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, he mentioned how we need all four parts in order to properly follow the spirit and learn about what direction we are supposed to head in. 

“Listen when you ask, or even if you are prompted to go do something, sit down and think about that,” Peterson said. “Listen.” 

The answers that we seek will more often come in ways that we don't expect them too, he said, and we need to be constantly listening so that we can catch the answers the Lord is trying to tell us. 

“I’ve watched young people that I have had stewardship over making decisions and moving sometimes more quickly than they need to be, or others who have the answer and they won’t move,” Peterson said. 

The answers that we seek might not even just be for our benefit, and Heavenly Father can use us seeking for answers to help those around us, he taught. 

“There may be times in our lives that as we seek guidance from the Lord, that we will be impressed to help others. God needs us to accomplish his work. We should always be watchful for the opportunity to bless and help others,” Peterson said.