Curtis Castillow, a Religious Education Faculty Member at BYU-Idaho, shared personal experiences in his devotional talk on October 4, 2016, about where he learned that when we think we want something, God will give us what we need.

In his address he shared the story of the Old Testament prophet Joseph who was sold by his brothers to be a slave and how he was in bondage for 13 years when he caught the eye of the Pharaoh and then became a great leader. Castillow said that God was "silent" during that time but in reality he was building up Joseph to reach his full potential.

Castillow compared his college experience to the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" novels with how he tried to take one path in life but he instead went down a different path. In the moment, his troubles seemed major but as he looked back, he realized they were there to help him align his path with God's path.

He then encouraged listeners to remember that God gives things that will help and bless our lives and not give us "stones" or a "serpent" that would hurt us. He also shared a story about a man who was adopted and then served a mission in Lansing, Michigan. Although he was puzzled why he was called to that mission he still went.

Upon his return, he decided to get in contact with his real family only to find out, one of the ward mission leaders from his mission was actually his uncle. A discovery that took years but he then realized the Lord's hand in why he went to Michigan on his mission.

For further insight to Brother Castillow's address, you can listen to an interview with student reporter Myles Primm.

Listen to the devotional below or click here to watch or read the devotional.