“Creation, Expulsion, Redemption” is a new art exhibit at the Jacob Spori Art Gallery by artist and sculptor Adam Thomas. His gallery includes tools like shovels or hoes and objects such as chairs and ladders. His inspiration for creating these beautiful pieces is the story of Adam and Eve.  

“This shows seems to be the culmination of four- or five-years-worth of ponderings on the nature of Adam and Eve,” Thomas said. 

He said he believes Adam and Eve’s nature is something we need to study and read about to understand.  

“These stories seem to generate from that tale and it seems such a simple tale that we get from childhood it starts off very basic and then there is a lot of versions of it all the way from what we hear as children, what we learn through reading scripture and other stories,” he said, “...and then oddly enough one of the most important things we do is go to the temple and there is that story again and so it seems to me that something we don’t quite get.” 

Thomas said his art pieces were created to get the audience to really think about what they mean. They are not straightforward but rather thought provoking. He also included some inside jokes to make those pieces authentic and personal.  

The opening reception will be tonight from 7 - 9 p.m. at the Jacob Spori Art Gallery. The free exhibit will go until Feb. 26.