Rexburg’s Mayor Jerry Merrill, and Sugar City’s Mayor David Ogden both spoke to community members and business owners Wednesday, Jan. 30, about the growth and development of the area.

Merrill began the discussion by talking about the new business including 15 ribbon cuttings in 2018, events coming this year and an extension in progress to Hemming Village.

He also mentioned that not everyone feels happy about the growth and changes to Rexburg but emphasized why it’s needed.

“If we want our kids and our grandkids to have the opportunity to stay here then we need to have growth,” said Merril. “We need to have growth and new businesses that are hiring people.”

Mayor Ogden addressed the importance of infrastructure, “You don’t get that nice clothing store… nice places to play, parks, recreation. None of that happens unless that basic infrastructure comes to play. So as a community we have to accept the idea that we have to pay for that. Because it doesn’t come free. ”

He also mentioned the city’s plan to expand the residential areas and the progress of bringing in a YMCA.

Representing Madison County, Commissioner Jon Weber discussed the progress of transportation improvements and talks of a new landfill location, with some assistance from BYU-Idaho students.

“With the growth of the county transportation is at the top, of safely more efficiently moving cars is very important to us,” said Weber. “And certainly plays a role of economic development. So, we’ve been hard at work at attracting state and federal funds to help with our road projects.”

Weber said they are working on the road for the Thorton interchange which is expected to finish this spring, and a roundabout in Hibbard.

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