Starting tomorrow you can go out and purchase the long-awaited Girl Scout cookies. That’s right, the girls will be out and about at stores selling Thin Mints, Samoas, and all the others.

Along with the opportunity you have to buy cookies for yourself and your family, you can donate cookies to the Idaho Foodbank.

This program is called Cookies from the Heart. But it’s not just a box of cookies that will get donated when you make that choice. Girl Scouts of Silver Sage have partnered with Dairy West. This means every time someone donates a box of Girl Scout cookies Dairy West donates $1 to the foodbank to purchase liquid milk.

“Fluid milk is one of the most requested items at foodbanks but is typically the least available,” explained Cindy Miller, the vice president of integrated communications for Dairy West. “We were able to think of a way we could partner that would achieve both of our missions,” speaking of Dairy West and Girl Scouts of Silver Sage.

Girl Scouts are of course dedicated to selling cookies, teaching girls good values, and helping out the community.

The dairy farm families of Idaho are committed to providing Idaho families with good quality milk.

An easy way to find out how to order cookies or where cookies are being sold is to visit the Girl Scouts website,

Last year around 5,500 boxes of cookies were donated along with Dairy West matching that number with milk.

Overall, the program has been received very well from the public and the Girl Scouts are determined to have more 7,000 cookie boxes donated this year.