This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker was Barbara McKenna, the financial aid operations analyst for BYU-Idaho. She spoke about the resources Heavenly Father has given us to support us through our trials. She shared five things to do and remember when we are struggling. 

The first was a reminder that each of us are needed now by Heavenly Father. In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, she shared why knowing this can help us through our trials. 

“I think sometimes we get down in a rut in our lives and we just think I am worthless or I can’t contribute…but if we can really focus on understanding and truly believing that our Heavenly Father has put us on the earth right now for a reason, that can help us to live more happily and joyfully,” she said. 

In her devotional address, she also instructed listeners to “allow ourselves to learn from our trials.” She said that it is during our difficult and trying times that Heavenly Father helps us to grow.  

“We knew when we agreed with Heavenly Father’s plan that we would be tried and tested with difficult experiences,” McKenna said. “It is during these times that Heavenly Father helps us to become a better version of ourselves; more like Him.” 

The third tool McKenna shared was to “see the good, be the good, and share the good.” She reminded listeners that helping others allows them to feel happiness in their own trials and support others through theirs. 

The fourth tool was gratitude. She said that while having gratitude does not mean you are always enjoying your current circumstances; it does provide a way to get through the difficult ones. 

“There may be some days that all you can think of is that you are grateful for socks, but I promise that the more you reflect on the good in your life, the less you will drown in your thoughts of the hard stuff,” McKenna said.

The last tool McKenna shared, and the most important she said, is to “Trust Him.” She said that trusting Heavenly Father’s plan in times of trial can help you have an eternal perspective and the faith to get through. 

“Trusting God and having faith in Him go hand in hand. When unexplained things happen, or trials seem to never end, trust the plan,” McKenna said.