BYU-Idaho Radio · Colissa Teeter Interview

The Hello Spring Craft Fair is April 23 at 10 a.m. and it will take place at the Shilo Inn Event Center. 

More than 120 local vendors will be in attendance at the Craft Fair for buyers to walk around and see. 

Colissa Teeter is the founder and main organizer of the Hello Spring Craft Fair and all of the other craft fairs put on by Idaho Craft Fairs.  

There are four main craft fairs and Teeter says she has seen them grow in popularity. 

This is the third year for this specific craft fair. 

“I think there are a lot of people that enjoy doing these types of hobbies,” Teeter said. “They have these talents and abilities. There are a lot more people that can sell and grow a business because of a craft fair.” 

Teeter started the craft fairs after years of being a vendor herself and going to events such as the one she is putting on. 

“I’ve always been a vendor, for years and years I had my own booth. I’ve always been interested in making things and selling them,” Teeter said.  

She says anyone who goes to the event will be able to find something out of the 120+ booths they are interested in. They will have a wide variety from crafts, to jewelry, to candy, clothing and even food. 

“We have food vendors come as well that already have established businesses as well as those who enjoy candy making on the side. Art is there, we have vendors who paint. Clothing, we have vendors who own their own boutiques and come to sell their clothes or their children’s clothes,” Teeter said. “It’s super fun to see what everyone’s hobby is.” 

She also talked about the loyal following they have gained. 

“We have some vendors that are in all of our shows, we have some that are in a couple shows a year, just depending on their products, how often they want to sell and their schedule. So we do always have a few repeat vendors and we always have new vendors.” Teeter said. 

The Hello Spring Craft Fair is on Saturday, April 23, at the Shilo Inn Event Center. You can enter through the hotel lobby entrance or the event center lobby. Doors will open at 10 a.m.