On August 30, Madison Cares is putting on the 16th annual Celebrate Youth event in Rexburg, but this year, it’s going to be a little different.

For starters, the event this year is dropping the last two letters of the event’s name, effectively changing it to “Celebrate You.”

Rick Croft, the Program Director of Madison Cares, said that they made the change to celebrate everyone that attends, not just the kids, since thousands of people usually attend the event.

“We would drop the “t-h” … that way, every single person that takes part in the event this year can feel like the event being held for them,” Croft said.

Croft also said that the coronavirus pandemic had taken an emotional toll on many people, and changing the name of the event will hopefully help ease that burden a little for many.

The event draws thousands of people to Rexburg’s Porter Park, but due to concerns about the coronavirus, the event will be held in multiple locations throughout town.

At this time, those locations are still being worked out, according to Croft.

Those who attend are encouraged to wear face masks and to distance themselves from other attendees. Croft said that they plan to have hand sanitizer at each adventure station.

“But when it gets right down to it, [attendees] will be able to experience all the same and exciting activities,” Croft said.

The event is from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on August 18. For more information, check out the Facebook Event page, or visit the Madison School District website.