BYU-Idaho is putting the classic tale of Wind in the Willows on the stage of the Snow Drama Theatre starting Wednesday, Feb. 19. There are many things that will make this play a unique performance in the school, but one big aspect is that it’s a kid show.  

Ruth Call, who is playing Mole, said this will not stop college students or adults from enjoying it just as much as children do. The central message is the importance of family, friends and home. Call said throughout the story her character goes on many adventures and sees many different parts of the world, but by the end he realizes his favorite thing is being with those he loves in his home. 

“The best joys are just being home with your friends and family, Call said.  

The characters are all animals, so it was a challenge at the beginning of the process for the actors to figure out how to use their body language.  

“I think a lot of the time actors or actresses can think that there is so much emotional work done in a play, which is true! But also, I think we forget how much we can forget how much we can rely on our bodies to communicate, Call said. 

There will be a lot of interaction with the audience which will also create great opportunities for the actors to improvise.  

“We break the fourth wall all the time, we talk to the audience and point people out and everything, Call said. 

Opening night is Feb. 19. The play will go through Feb. 22, then Feb. 25 through Feb. 29Tickets for the general audience are $6 and $3 with student ID. You can get them in the ticket office at the Manwaring Center at the University Store or by clicking here.