Soapbox Agency is a BYU-Idaho student run agency that specifically does work for real paying clients. That includes creative work, design, marketing and copy work. This can range from graphic design to video editing.  

 Because of this, Soapbox Agency has five different teams. The first is the project management team which is responsible for being the liaison between clients and the agency. They communicate with the client and provide feedback to other teams. The second team is marketing which consists of people doing work for digital marketing and social media marketing. The third team is the copy team. They do work internally and externally, editing blogposts and other things for clients and editing projects.  The fourth team is the video team who make, edit and shoot all videos. And the fifth team is the design team which works with animations and graphic design.  

 Thomas Wagstaff, the agency manager said every client is different. 

 “Sometimes we’ll have clients come in with a very specific idea of what they want…other times they’ll come in just saying they want a video,” he said. 

 He said that when that happens it’s up to them to brainstorm with each other and with the client to meet the client’s needs.  

 Wagstaff also said they’re always looking to interview and look for new applicants at Soapbox. They encourage people to apply and check out the agency in person. For more information about the agency, click here.