BYU-Idaho’s Integrated Business Corps (IBC) program helps students learn to be successful business owners and entrepreneurs.  

Each semester, the program puts students into companies where they must create and start their own businesses. Students can learn in an immersive experience. By the fourth week of each semester each company must present a project idea. They are then able to present their project to a group of bankers where they receive feedback and a loan 

After the semester ends, the companies have the opportunity to be acquired by other sources. Just last semester, five out of the eight IBC companies running were acquired.  

Melanie Piaz, a senior at BYU-Idaho who completed the program last year, said that no matter what business you choose, there will always be challenges along the way. She mentioned that it was particularly challenging due to COVID-19. Because of this, she and her group created the first-ever fully online jewelry company for IBC. Because of this, the company had to be creative with advertising and networking. 

“What we found most effective is what we call network marketing, we actually started with reaching out to friends and family and friends of friends,” she said. 

Through IBC, students are able learn key marketing and business techniques to help them succeed in their own businesses in the future.