If you need a moment to slow down and find peace, BYU-Idaho offers classes that help students and staff at BYU-Idaho center themselves and prepare for the coming week by taking a moment to meditate. 

“Yoga is an ancient practice that allowed ancient gurus to meditate for longer and so a lot of Yoga is sitting and having non-judgmental attachments to your thoughts ... it is a unification of your body and mind and spirit,” said Amy Bunting, a yoga instructor at BYU-Idaho. 

Yoga and mindfulness share many beliefs and principles taught by Jesus Christ. Students of BYU-Idaho who wish to become certified yoga instructors will have a chance to read “The Yoga of Jesus” by Paramahansa Yogananda during the certification classes. 

“The most valuable thing [I've learned] is just appreciating that God is in everything and He talks to all of His children … a lot of principles that Jesus taught is what yogis teach as well,” Bunting said. 

Yoga means to yoke or unite your body mind and spirit, which sounds similar to the New Testament scripture Matthew 11:28–30 where Christ invites all to take his yoke upon them, and learn of him, Bunting said. 

Mindfulness practices and yoga have been used to clear the mind and relax for thousands of years and you can participate and see the benefits by attending a free one-hour class on campus. 

You can find the schedule by clicking here: https://ibelong.byui.edu/events?search_word=yoga