BYU-Idaho Radio · BYU-Idaho Students Help a South African Business Owner

BYU-Idaho students working with the Rexburg Business Development Center are lending their skills to a new business owner and student in South Africa. 

Dalisey Brooks of Cape Town, South Africa was looking for help starting her hand made sandal business. Meanwhile, a self-reliance instructor in Idaho, Ben Davidson, was looking for people to join his class. Due to the pandemic, it proved to be difficult finding people to attend. 

Davidson found Brooks on Linked In and reached out about helping her grow her business in the class. 

“I describe him as just a human angel that heavenly father sent to me from like, the way we are apart and just getting involved,” Brooks said. 

The self-reliance class has teamed up with BYU-Idaho students at the Rexburg Business Development Center to help with marketing. 

The brand, Chipantha, is named after Brooks’ grandfather who helped her believe in herself and always told her she would do great things someday. 

Her line of sandals and accessories use colorful fabrics, soft ropes, and leather all available in South Africa. 

To check out her products, visit