A group of 10 female BYU-Idaho students recently attended CUWiP, the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, at Montana State University.

Angel Royston, a senior in the physics department, said she has been to the conference two years in a row now, and she thinks it's an incredible opportunity for women who are interested in physics.

"I think the first thing [the conference] does is it actually keeps us in our undergraduate," Royston said. "As physics majors, especially as you get higher up in your classes, there're a lot of times when you feel very inadequate, and you start questioning if this is something that you really are serious about doing and if you can do it. And so, we go to this conference and everyone always leaves feeling so empowered and like they can tackle anything ahead of them."

Royston encouraged other women to understand that they are supposed to encounter difficulties in physics, and any field, and she hopes they'll remember that difficulties just mean that they are on the right path.

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