Sierra Graham, a BYU-Idaho student sat down at the piano to learn how to play "Mary, Did You Know?" when her mom asked her to learn it.

She said she tried to find a version she liked, and she decided to try to arrange her own version, instead.

"I sat there and just stuck my hands on the piano and in 30 minutes busted it out," Graham said. "It kind of helped because I couldn't remember the tune, so I just kind of went for it."

Graham said she went home for Christmas and her friend offered to help produce the song while her sisters sang.

"He comes over, I play it for him - he has all this equipment - and he just recorded it and messed around on his laptop and we did that within, like, two hours," she said.

Graham said she doesn't like restrictions when it comes to music, but she feels like she wasn't alone when writing her version of the song.

"The Spirit worked in my head, down through my hands and out of my mouth," Graham said. "There's no way that I did that by myself in 30 minutes. I really feel like Heavenly Father meant for that to happen. I don't know why yet."

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