BYU-Idaho Radio · BYU-Idaho Student Photographer Talks About Inspiriations

Local photography student, Anna Chapman, has become popular around Rexburg for her unique style and aesthetics. 

Chapman attributes much of her learning to her photography teacher at Madison High School, Larry Prescott, who passed away during Chapman's senior year of high school. Prescott taught Chapman and all her sisters. 

“He told my sisters, ‘you guys got to help her,’” Chapman said. “But I loved it and I kept doing it and I was starting to excel.” 

This is Chapman’s final semester at BYU-Idaho and her final project will be a series of self-portraits and will focus on storytelling rather than any kind of vanity. 

“I’ve been fine taking self-portraits, but it makes me uncomfortable doing a whole show about myself. But that’s what the big focus is right now, storytelling,” Chapman said.  

Chapman is also a freelance photographer and loves photographing couples, weddings and stylized portraits. 

To contact Chapman about scheduling her services or to see her work, go to her Instagram page at achapsphoto or visit her webiste,