"Twilight's Last Gleaming"

Nathan Dursteler is a BYU-Idaho student who is one of the hosts of “Twilight Last Gleaming,” a patriotic light show which will begin on July 6 at Nature Park in Rexburg.

Dursteler said he has had a passion for lighting ever since he was a kid.

“My mom kind of teases me that I love lights more than loved my parents because my first word when I was a kid was ‘ight,’” Dursteler said. “My mom and dad would have to hide the spatulas because I would climb up on things and use the spatulas to turn the lights on and off.”

Dursteler said he first got the idea of creating a light show after attending a light show in Shoshone Falls with his friends and thinking he could do something similar.

“The show ended and we all huddled together and were like, ‘we could have done such a better job,’” Dursteler said. “There are so many aspects of lighting that you can do to just make it so much more immersive.”

A week later Dursteler and his friends decided to have a light show at Monkey Rock in Fremont County and had 20 light fixtures and synched light with music. They also brought a professional photographer to take photos of the show.

He said after posting the photos a lot of people wanted to know when the next show would be happening.

After seeing the overwhelming response from people asking for a show, they decided to have a show at Monkey Rock on July 6 and 7. However after having some issues with having enough space they were able to work with the City of Rexburg to have the show at Nature Park.

Dursteler said this show will be also an experiment to see if it can actually work, which is another reason why they are not charging.

He hopes those who attend the shows enjoy what they see and leave with a renewed sense of patriotism.

“When people come I want them to see something passionate, appreciative and patriotic,” Dursteler said. “When they come I want them to leave with a renewed sense of patriotism where they love their country and they can walk away feeling best.”

For more information about tickets and schedules of the event you can visit natureparklightshow.wordpress.com