There is a brass instrument that has the same timbre as a French horn, has the pitch range of a trombone, and can be heard playing music written for woodwinds, it is the euphonium. The euphonium is related to the tuba and is a “newer” instrument, it was invented in 1843.  

For her final semester on campus, euphonium player Mary Miller will perform in a recital on Saturday, May 8 at 11 a.m. She will share her love of music and passion for helping others develop their own love of music.  

Miller is a student at BYU-Idaho earning a Bachelor’s in Music Education with an emphasis in band. Next semester, she’ll begin her student teaching at Sugar-Salem High School.  

“I’ve always wanted to teach. I discovered that music was my passion. I want to work with everyone to share that fire for music,” Miller said. 

Through her education degree, she has had to play in various ensembles. She has experience with contemporary music, like jazz standards, but prefers opportunities to play classical music. One of her favorite on-campus ensembles to play in is Symphony Band conducted by Diane Soelberg, an oboe professor. She started by playing the piano at seven and started playing the euphonium at 11. 

“When I was in sixth grade, we had to pick out instruments to play and I was too short for the tuba, so I picked the euphonium,” Miller said. “I love how versatile it is!” 

In high school, Miller found that music was more than her passion. Participating in music brought her a sense of camaraderie. 

“I played in pep band. No matter what day I had, bad or good, I knew I could go to pep band and play cool music with all my friends. That made me happy,” she said. 

Miller was able to meet her husband, make lasting friendships and achieve her goals all through music.  

Miller’s recital will feature music that spans every era from the Renaissance to modern music. The works she’ll perform were written by composers Galliard, Daugherty, Curnow, Tillman and Capuzzi. She is being accompanied by adjunct piano faculty member Jesse Holmgren.  

You can watch Miller’s recital live on the BYU-Idaho live events web page on channel two at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 8.