BYU-Idaho offers many different degrees for their students. Some of these degrees, however, are less well known and possibly less common than others.  

One of these degrees is called “Interdisciplinary Studies” or IDS. This degree is slightly more focused toward a specific career than others.  

“In IDS, it’s a very customizable degree that allows you to custom build using several different components from several different subject matters to build your degree for a specific job,” said Sam Nelson, a team lead in BYU-Idaho’s Academic Advising Center. 

He also mentioned another type of degree called “Professional Studies.” This degree requires a student to have taken at least 70 credits first, because it is offered as an option for students who have changed their degree many times or cannot seem to settle on something after taking many classes.  

Just like IDS, this degree is customizable. It helps people to declare a minor and gain a cluster or certificate. Nelson said that Professional Studies is best used when someone does not have a lot of options. And, in those situations, it can be a huge blessing to someone who may not receive a degree otherwise.  

Those who are interested in learning more about their degree options or would like general help with choosing classes should visit BYU-Idaho’s Academic Advising website