BYU-Idaho is returning to in-person instruction for Fall Semester, and they need all the help they can get for Get Connected!

Get Connected is a two-day program for new students to learn all they need to know for their first semester. Get Connected has been online for the past two semesters because of COVID-19, but the in-person version will be much different. 

There will be fun at the Talent Show and I-Night, as well as plenty of information from faculty presentations. 

There will be the Spirit of BYU-Idaho Showcase, which is all about the Spirit of Ricks and what that looks like on campus, as well as the history of the school. 

The Involvement Fair offers information on academic societies and helps students sign up for societies that interest them. 

I-Strive covers student living standards, the Honor Code and being inclusive to others. 

Volunteers for Get Connected, called I-Reps, will spend four days before Fall Semester being trained. They’ll also help run the events. 

In addition to the resources at Get Connected, each new student will be assigned two New Student Mentors to help them, and you can be one of those mentors!

These mentors reach out to their assigned group of new students a few times a week throughout the semester to answer questions, offer advice and just be their friend. 

“There have been many times where new students have had meltdowns, but I’ve had lots of mentors in the past who have been able to go and help those students whether it’s late at night or early in the morning or just be that person they can go and call and help,” said Taiylor Brower, the student director for New Student Mentoring for Fall. 

You can apply to be a New Student Mentor or I-Rep by filling out an interest survey here.