David Belka, an art faculty member at BYU-Idaho, used his knowledge of light in art to illustrate the importance of the light of Christ in our lives during a BYU-Idaho Devotional on August 23, 2016.

Belka talked about the importance of light and dark in art, photos, stories and movies then related it to our spiritual lives, "In the gospel, we are taught that all of God's children come to earth with the light of Christ," he said. "We are taught that the light of Christ is like our conscience and prepares us to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. But I would submit that the light of Christ is much more significant than most of us realize."

He taught that the light of Christ is also the influence of Jesus Christ in our lives. "The light of Christ is the influence that allows all people to do good works in the world, regardless of whether or not one has received the gift of the Holy Ghost," he said.

He outlined the mission of BYU-Idaho, which includes learning. He said students should learn more than just the subject matter in their chosen major, "I think that we have an opportunity to learn something in any situation we are in," he said.

He also said as we gain more knowledge, or light, we can share that with others. He challenged the students to seek out things that will contribute to their learning and to their light and to resist influences that do not contribute to their light, "I would invite you to consider the imagery and information you consume and learn to interpret what you see. And then I would invite you to participate in those things that you know will add to your light and to the light of others and avoid those things that will extinguish that light," he said.

During an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, he talked about the symbolism of light and darkness in our society, "I think for me, going into a place that's light, versus a place that's dark is a lot more inviting, a lot more comfortable. You want to be there. I think that the gospel and the teachings within the gospel offer that light. As you know, Christ said he is the light of the world. If we look to him, that's how we get through a lot of things. If we trust in him we're able to get through a lot of challenges and dark times in our life."

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