This week is the last week of the Spring 2020 semester for BYU-Idaho students. Many students are preparing to use their degree in the work field. Many might wonder if they are ready and what it will be like. John Michael Bradley is an alumnus from BYU-Idaho who graduated in December 2016 and said many times it takes those recent graduates time to adjust to the work environment.

He studied Physics and did a minor in mathematics and has always loved science. He originally planned to be a research scientist. As he was getting ready to figure out what doctorate degree he was going to pursue, he realized that physics was not going to be something he was going to pursue.

“I ended up eventually one day realizing that the world of software and business was what I wanted to do instead of research,” he said.

He said it’s important to have an open mind and to not be afraid to let the Lord guide you to what is the best plan for you.

“We often realize that life is lived line upon line and step by step,” he said.

His change of plans didn’t stop his passion for science and Bradley says some of the things we love can remain as our hobbies instead of making a career out of them.

He said one of the things that has helped him to know what was the best plan for him and his family was listening to what our Heavenly Father’s plan was for him. That is one of the aspects he is grateful about BYU-Idaho how he had the chance to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, receive revelation and know how to follow it.

“There is no real way of knowing what you want to do unless you do it,” he said.