is a website for career and college resources. It serves middle school students through adults.  

 Byron Yankey, the College and Career Advising Program mentor for the Idaho State Board of Education said this website is especially important during COVID-19 due to the many changes in education and careers people have experienced during this time.   

 The importance of the Next Steps Idaho website is it provides options, accurate information and opportunities.” Yankey said. 

 These benefits are applicable to many people. He said it can help people whether they are in high school, starting college, someone who is not quite sure what they want to do, an adult who is changing careers and much more. Because of this, Yankey said “there is something for everyone on this website.” 

 He also said they give information about potential job openings, trainings, and salaries.  He said, right now more than ever, people are looking for accurate information in one place. He said this website is the place to go for that information 

 The website is under the State Board of Education and receives support from the Work Force Development Council in Idaho. Go to to learn more.