MONTPELIER, Idaho - The past catches up to an infamous Idaho outlaw, in the best way possible.

The city of Montpelier, Idaho recently celebrated something a bit odd: a bank robbery. The outlaw Butch Cassidy robbed a bank in the town August 13, 1896. The celebration of the event was the weekend of the 13th, 120 years to the day of the robbery.

The bank now stands as a museum to Butch Cassidy and his run as one of the west's most adored outlaws.

Radek Konarik is the owner of the museum. About the uniqueness of the museum, he said, "Some people restore old cars... I restore history." He bought the museum as a way to preserve history, as many groups have done in his native Europe.

"You see a lot of history in abandoned buildings, so you put your money into it, and just trying to save it, you know, for future generations. That was my calling to do that."

With a year in business, he says he's had over 8000 visitors to the museum, but he doesn't take the credit.

"It's not just my adventure, it's the whole town('s), it's the community('s.)"

Cassidy robbed banks, and railways, carrying out jobs that none had attempted before. The Union Pacific Railroad actually stopped seeking for Cassidy's arrest, and invited him to work for them, if he would give up his life of crime. Cassidy declined.

For more information about the museum, Butch Cassidy and other outlaws, visit their Facebook page here.