This week’s BYU-Idaho Devotional talked about how BYU-Idaho is a sacred place to learn to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Sam Brubaker is the Student Success managing director for BYU-Idaho. His talk is called “Learning to Learn as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.” 

In Brubaker’s address, he spoke about how learning is a process we all need to learn.  

“Just as removing agency and mortality from the plan of salvation would frustrate our capacity to develop, removing the learning process from disciple preparation would not result in our becoming like Him,” he said. 

Brubaker said BYU-Idaho is a special and set apart place that can help us develop and deepen our devotion as disciples of Jesus Christ.  

“The mission of BYU-Idaho, as a temple of learning, is to develop disciples of Jesus Christ. A temple of learning requires that students live a higher standard, seek learning by faith, and serve one another,” he said in his address. 

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Brubaker explained how he let himself be open to learn through the Holy Ghost as he prepared his talk. He said he didn't always plan to talk about the topic he chose for his address. He was already prepared with a different talk, until he felt prompted to completely change it.  

“I realized I had prepared the talk that I wanted to give, but not the talk that I needed to give,” Brubaker said. He said he then sought the Lord’s help and guidance. “He taught me,” he said.