"Grand Teton" is the newest short film from the "More than Just Parks" project. Brothers Will and Jim Pattiz are behind the project. They're filmmakers who hope to make short films for all 59 of the national parks.

"You go to a place like Yellowstone, you go to a place like Sequoia, any national park and that landscape is the way it has been for almost all time," said Jim.

"Grand Teton" is their eighth film and it's presented in stunning 8K resolution. The brothers started making their films a couple of years ago. They include "Zion," "Badlands," "Acadia," "Redwood," "Joshua Tree," "Smoky Mountains" and "Olympic."

GRAND TETON 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.

It was in 2010 when the brothers went to their first national parks: Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National Parks.

"Seeing the painted desert and just all of these sorts of incredible landscapes, it just blew us away," said Jim. "So after that we visited, I don't know, maybe a dozen national parks. We kind of fell in love with it."

It took about a month to capture the pictures and video for "Grand Teton." On their website,morethanjustparks.com, the brothers detail the gear they use, both film and outdoor. Their latest couple of videos are shot in 8K. They say they are working on some new features for their website too, "The next step for us will be introducing the parks for folks and making it just a more interactive park experience," said Will. "If you want to go to Grand Teton National Park you can go to our website and basically get all the information you want."

They shot video in several locations at Grand Teton National Park, all of which are listed and plotted on a map on the website. The 3:21 video highlights animals, lakes and, of course, breathtaking views of the Tetons, many of which are at sunrise. "Especially in the Tetons, the sunrises are absolutely incredible, but it takes some filters and things in order to get it to look the way it does to the naked eye," said Jim.

The brothers aren't sure which national park they'll highlight next. They say they keep it a secret so as not to disappoint fans if they have to change parks unexpectedly. It happened when they were ready to shoot at Mount Rainier National Park. They say wildfires made it too hard to see the mountain so they instead went to Redwood National Park.

No matter which park they shoot at, they hope it inspires people to see the parks themselves.

"Just go and visit these places, see these places for yourself," said Jim. "Because our videos can never do them justice. I mean, we try as best we can, but we know it will never replace actually going there and having that experience and it can be life changing."

"Anybody who watches our videos, the biggest thing, the best way to give back to us is by giving back to the parks and actually going out there and seeing how amazing they are," said Will. "Cause that's the idea behind the project, is just to get folks into the park."