Physics Department faculty member Brian Tonks gave the final devotional on the campus of BYU-Idaho for the Fall 2016 semester. 

Brother Tonks started out his devotional talking about how we may sometimes feel discouraged when we look at ourselves from a worldly perspective. He then listed off six points from his devotional to help us better understand our purpose on earth and why we face challenges. 

To help illustrate his points he shared experiences from the life of Moses with scriptures from Moses 1. He shared these stories to help us remember we are children of our Heavenly Father. 

"Just as God showed Moses the glorious vision of the Earth to instill the confidense Moses needed to complete His work, He will let you know through the Holy Ghost that you are His child," said Tonks. "That knowledge will allow you to face whatever trials may come your way, to do whatever work He would have you do."

As a faculty member and former Young Single Adult ward bishop, Tonks had experiences to help him learn how to better work with students. Tonks said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio our Heavenly Father has provided resources in life as well as here at BYU-Idaho. 

"Go in and visit with your professors, get to know them, share with them some of your struggles," said Tonks in an interview. "They might be able to be of some great support to you."

Brother Tonks closed his devotional with his testimony of the Savior and how we can receive strength through His Atonement to overcome weakness as well as sin. 

"When I partake of the sacrament each Sunday, I am reminded that God sent His Only Begotten Son to suffer, bleed, and die to prepare the way for us to be able to repent," said Tonks in his devotional. "His atoning sacrifice is the key ingredient to allow is to fulfill our eternal destiny."

Listen to the devotional below or click here to watch the video or read the transcript.