News guy, runner, adjunct faculty member, radio news and programming coordinator, father, husband. These are just a few of Brandon Isle’s titles. But there is a title that matters to him most of all, disciple of Jesus Christ. 

In his devotional address, “Surrounding Yourself with Faith,” Isle spoke about the importance of faith in Jesus Christ, the first step to becoming His disciple. He taught that it takes more than daily prayer and scripture study to be surrounded by faith.  

“We can surround ourselves in faith in the entertainment we choose, the friends we choose to be around, the career path we pursue, and the way we choose to spend our time,” Isle said. “Any and all of these things can help us.”  

With years of experience in radio and TV news, Isle has seen the impact that media, entertainment, and music can have. In his address he warned against media that can offend the spirit. In a recent interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Isle spoke about what his career has taught him. 

“There’s a lot of good happening… I think as we focus on that type of media, that can lift our spirits,” Isle said. “If we draw in the good stuff, it can lift us up and help us lift others up.” 

Another way that Isle surrounds himself with faith is through his morning routine. Rather than grabbing his phone in the morning, he studies from physical scriptures. This helps him stay focused, he says.  

Isle’s commitment to surrounding himself with faith extends to his family. As a father of six, he strives to help his children develop faith in Christ too. In his interview, Isle talked about his family’s habit of daily prayer and scripture study. During the year before his children are baptized, he and his wife encourage them to read the Book of Mormon. This way, they can develop their own personal faith.  

After sharing more examples from students and people from the Book of Mormon, Isle encouraged listeners to choose to believe and make choices that foster faith.  

“Surrounding yourself with faith doesn’t need to be overwhelming,” Isles said. “As I said, it’s the small choices and I encourage you to make them. As you add these choices together, you will find the overall effect will help your testimony in Jesus Christ grow. You will be able to withstand the whirlwinds of the devil. You will become a disciple of Jesus Christ.”