BYU-Idaho Radio · Brad Cramer embraces change as he takes a new position at Idaho National Laboratory

Idaho Falls native Brad Cramer, recently left his position as the community development services director for Idaho Falls and took a new position as the campus master planner at Idaho National Laboratory.  

Cramer has been at INL for about three weeks. He is in the process of learning their needs in order to help them accomplish their mission.  

He believes his background with Idaho Falls will be beneficial in his new endeavor with INL. 

“I think bringing that understanding of how projects go from being conceptual to being real. I’ve lived that experience over the course of a lot of projects and so I have at least that background,” Cramer said. 

Cramer said that, although stability is important, it is necessary to try new things because through change is how we grow.  

“Someone in my situation that had been there for so long – I have a family, I have a stable job – it was really frightening to think about making a change,” Cramer said. “But I had a lot of people telling me to think beyond the security. Part of the human experience is improving and getting better and you do that through change.” 

Cramer looks forward to applying his skills and being a part of the future of INL.