On Saturday, July 18, Summit Spine and Sport Chiropractic in Rexburg is hosting its annual "Birthday Bash" celebration at the Madison County Fairgrounds. 

Each year the practice hosts this event to commemorate another birthday or another year in business. 

Johanna Bunker, a chiropractic assistant and organizer of the event, said this is the fourth time they've hosted this event. 

Bunker said the first two years were only in the parking lot of the practice, but last year and this year, it's at the Madison County Fairgrounds. 

Bunker said there would be "Dunk the Doctor," free popcorn and cotton candy, bounce houses and games. 

Local vendors and food trucks will attend the event and will have games of their own for people who attend. 

Given all the hardships COVID-19 has caused so many people, Bunker said this event would hopefully help people enjoy themselves. 

"We do want everybody in the community, as much as possible, to come because it's a happy time to enjoy life," Bunker said. "We want people to enjoy the summer as much as possible because we've had so many things taken away." 

One of the key characteristics of how doctors at Summit Spine and Sport Chiropractic treat their patients is education. They do all they can to make sure people fully understand what happens to their bodies when they receive treatment. 

Fittingly, at the event, the doctors will be at a booth where people can ask questions about chiropractic health, get answers and potentially set up appointments for treatment. 

Bunker said in past years they have had a lot of new people come in for screenings because of the booth. Some new clients from this year's event will surely feel good for the doctors, especially after a significant drop off in foot traffic in March and April from the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Bunker said they look forward to the event and helping people have some fun. 

"It's nice to help out with the community, to get them involved in things and [to have] fun," she said. 

For more information about the "Birthday Bash," click here.