Becoming Who Heavenly Father Needs Us to Become

No two paths through life are the same and becoming who we are supposed to be is something we all have to figure out, but if we are patient and have faith, Renee Christensen, the student support coordinator said, we can learn to become who Heavenly Father needs us to be.

Christensen shared her personal mantra in her BYU-Idaho Devotional talk on Aug. 20, 2019: “God has a plan for you, be patient, have faith, everything will be okay.”

Her talk is titled “Becoming Who Heavenly Father Needs Us to Become” and in her address, she shared her struggle with changing her goals of motherhood to also include a job and working outside of the home. She said it took her some time to know, but she is sure this is what Heavenly Father wanted for her.

“I will let you in on a little secret, if you ask Heavenly Father how to become a better person, He will help you,” Christensen said.

She shared how important submitting our will to that of God’s will is in our lives.

“Our individual will is the only possession which is truly ours to give to Heavenly Father, everything else He has given to us,” she said.

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Christensen said the journey to finding out who to become isn’t simple.

“It is really, really hard, we are taught to accomplish these goals - which is awesome and we should always be setting goals - but I think that sometimes when we are setting goals, we have the end goal in mind of what we want to do,” Christensen said, “what happens if that isn’t what we are supposed to be doing?”

Also, in her interview, Christensen shared an experience about how she and her husband were led to Southern Idaho, even though it was the “last place on Earth” she wanted to be. Christensen said multiple times in her interview that we can plan and prepare, but if it isn’t what the Lord has prepared us for, then it isn’t the best choice.

“Heavenly Father knows each of you personally. He knows your capabilities and your potential and He does have a plan for you,” Christensen said, “Life will be hard and you will go through hard things in your life but if you stay close to the gospel everything will be okay.”