Becky Douglas was a mother of 10 living in Utah when her oldest daughter Amber took her life after struggling with Bipolar Disorder. When they went to get her things from her dorm, they found Amber had been donating some of the money that her parents sent her for college to an orphan in India.

"I think maybe because she suffered so much she had a tender spot for the underdog," said Douglas.

For the funeral, the Douglas' asked people to donate to the same orphanage rather than send flowers. Because of the many contributions, they asked Douglas to be on the Board of Directors. She then decided if she was going to be the Board of Directors she should go to India.

It was in the taxi to and from the orphanage where she would see dozens of people surrounding the car asking for money. But as Douglas recalls, they were not your typical beggar.

"Beggars, with rotting hands and feet and no eyes and open gaping wounds," said Douglas. "At one stoplight a man put his hand in the window with maggots crawling through his hand. Their suffering was just almost palpable."

When she got home she thought of the people in India who were affected with Leprosy and decided she wanted to do something to help. So she invited some of her friends over and with the help of her husband the started an organization.

Since then, Rising Star Outreach has built a school to provide an education for children who have parents affected by leprosy so they can have an opportunity to have what their parents did not.