Today’s devotional title, “Be wise in the day of your probation,” was inspired by a scripture in The Book of Mormon, Mormon 9:28. We had the chance to interview Brother Craig Forbush, the mechanical operations manager at BYU-Idaho. He explained what inspired him to give the devotional talk on that topic.  

He shared how the Plan of Salvation has always been meaningful to him and he has been intrigued in understanding more about our probationary stage. This is what he felt he should address in today’s devotional. 

We are going to go into the next life with the same attitudes and the desires and everything,” he said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. “We are going to go with our own self. If we like to tease, we are going to go into that like unto tease we are not going to change.”  

Brother Forbush shared an experienced he had as a six-year-old that shaped his decisions after it. When he was a young boy, he was teasing his cat, which made it very annoyed, and it ran away and got hit by a car.  

This accident totally broke my heart knowing that I was the cause of his death,” he said in his talk. This experience at an early age has caused me to reflect on the choices that I make and ponder on the plan of salvation my whole entire life.  

Even though we all make mistakes our probationary time also means being able to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ to repent so we can improve. In the interview, he explained a moment in his life when he was able to see how much he has been able to become more like Jesus Christ. A couple of years ago he decided to watch a movie with his family that he had seen some time ago. When they started watching the movie, he realized it was a very offensive movie and had to turn it off. 

 “The language was offensive to me and so I had realized that I had improved over those years about at least the offensiveness of swearing or whatever it was,” Forbush said.