The BYU-Idaho devotional speaker today focused his talk on humility.  

Brother Todd Blanchard, is a faculty member in the Accounting Department at BYU-IdahoThe title of his talk was “Be thou Humble. Student Breanna Wharton also gave a devotional talk today where she emphasized the importance of being humble now instead of being compelled to be humble. Blanchard has had the opportunity to coach in his life and he’s learned there are certain qualities players who could achieve their potential had. They had talent, were willing to work hard and were humble. 

We all need the same three things to achieve our full spiritual potential,” he said in his talk. We all have the talent. We have all been given spiritual gifts and we have inherited eternal potential from heavenly parents. If we combine that talent with humility and hard work, the Savior will help us and work miracles in our lives. 

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, he shared some thoughts about the importance of having humility in all aspects of our life in order to keep learning.  

“If you are willing to listen to coaching and instruction then you can turn your hard work and talent to really big improvements in whatever you are working on,” he said.  

It can be hard at times to receive feedback from others because pride stops us from seeing how it can be for our own benefit, he said. However, in his devotional address, Blanchard shared how two of the things we need to ask ourselves are, “What lack I yet?” (Matthew 19:20) and “Lord is it I?” (Matthew 26:22). 

I hope that the biggest message is that we try to listen to instruction from the Lord and try to figure out what he wants us to do rather than relying on our own wisdom or our own desires,” he said.