This past weekend BYU-Idaho held the Barbershop Music Festival on campus and Sound Check Quartet from Salt Lake City came to perform for the festival. 

The members of Sound Check have been together for two-and-a-half years. The quartet was originally created by a tenor vocalist who later left the group. The other three members found a new tenor and now, the quartet has had great opportunities to perform 

The group competes every year at the Rocky Mountain District, which is a competition for quartets in Utah and surrounding states. The group has placed as high as second in the competition. 

The contest are one thing we love doing but it’s not what we’re all about. We really love the performing and just the bringing messages and just having the fun singing with folks,” they said.  

They loved being able to work with the students’ quartet because everyone was so enthusiastic and eager to learn from them.  

“They are like sponges, taking every bit of information, and they are so eager to improve and to create great music together,” they said.  

To know more about Sound Check Quartet, you can visit their Facebook Page by clicking here.