This week celebrates back to school for Madison County School District #321. Superintendent Dr. Geoff Thomas explained that while the first day of school for students is Wednesday, August 21, the staff and faculty have been preparing all week.

“We have been having in-service training and professional development and so we are all excited, eager and ready to go,” said Thomas.

This year, the district is focusing on early childhood literacy, which is also a similar goal of Idaho Governor Brad Little. Thomas said the legislature has appropriated a significant amount of money to help promote early childhood literacy.

“We are going to place additional emphasis this year on teaching children how to read, and enjoying reading,” Thomas said, “because reading is a lifelong skill that will bless their lives throughout their entire professional career and personally as well.”

The first step for parents to get involved is to head to their child’s principal to learn the needs of each school individually.

“We love parental involvement in our school district,” Thomas said.

The school district is hosting free admittance to the first football game at Bobcat Stadium on Friday, August 30 to celebrate the newly constructed high school stadium.

For those who have just moved to the community or have any questions about what school your child should be attending, Thomas said to head into the district office for answers.

“We tell people don’t hesitate to come talk to us because we can help them,” Thomas said.