The 2019 semester of BYU-Idaho has started for the new winter block.

Students on campus are ready to be back in school and back in Rexburg. Freshman Chandler Potts from American Fork, Utah admits he feels overwhelmed but is excited to grow with people from different backgrounds.

"The first day wasn't terrible, but it was pretty overwhelming, though," he said. "I have lots of classes that I don't know anything about, so it's always fun to get to know your teachers, your class mates, different people that have different bakcgrounds that can help you with your career."

Other students, like Dallin James, are excited for new teachers who care, but he's not as excited about the weather destroying his shoes.

"I don't mind the temmperature, but my shoes keep getting destroyed walking on the cdrosswalks, the slush just destroys shoes, I hate it," he said.