BYU-Idaho Radio · Bachelor of Fine Arts Students Show Off Their Work

The Bachelor of Fine Arts senior exhibit is on display in the Jacob Spori Building at BYU-Idaho, and there is plenty of variety for lovers of different types of art. 

You can find the work of Karla Harris, who wanted to showcase the Hispanic culture in California.

plastic fruit in a basket with a sign that says "frutas"

 The display is entitled “Tony’s Market” and is complete with fruit, vegetables and aprons.  After talking with her grandmother, Harris had the idea to honor her grandfather and owner of the real Tony’s Market in Calexico, California.

You’ll also see “Rainbow Hand,” a picture book about a girl who can turn objects into rainbows with her touch. Illustrations are by student Joseph Moffat-Pena, and the story is by screenwriter Cinco Paul. picture book open of an illustrated girl turning objects into rainbows as she touches them

On the third floor, you’ll find posters of the fictional world, Shai Laviri, by student Jaden Bria. 

Illustrations of a "shahamee wind signal" with descriptions

Across from Shai Laviri is Mary Martin’s penguin assembly. The cute and functional group of ceramic penguins are all unique, and can be used to hold water as well as add some charm to your home. 

A group of ceramic penguins on carpeted floor

To see more exhibits, plus purchasing information, visit the first and third floors of the Jacob Spori Building until July 20.