BYU-Idaho Radio · Online BYU-Idaho student from South Sudan shares her triumphs and challenges as a refugee.

BYU-Idaho is made up of students from all over the world, whether they are students studying on campus or online. Atong Aguto is one of those students. She is from South Sudan and studies online at BYU-Idaho. 

Thirteen years ago, Aguto found refuge in Uganda due to the war in South Sudan. The move brought peace into her life, and in Uganda is where she found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

“We moved there because we were seeking peace. Maybe I wasn’t going to get to know the Church (if I hadn’t moved to Uganda.) It’s nice being here to get to know the Church and get to learn a lot and get more opportunities,” Aguto said. “When you live in a war zone, you always kind of have a negative mindset.” 

Although she feels she has been extremely blessed, her journey hasn’t come without its struggles. She started studying online during the pandemic, which proved to be a challenge. 

“I had no one to run to for help if I got stuck with an assignment,” Aguto said.  

Aguto has made friends with students and professors and she is grateful for the help she receives from them.  

To financially support herself, Aguto makes and sells crafts and jewelry that represent her culture. To learn more about her creations, visit: