BYU-Idaho Radio · Miyai Abe Griggs talks about the new art museum exhibit

A new exhibit is showing at The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho. 

Sisters Retrospective features the art works of sisters Gloria Miller Allen and Sherian Miller Lewis. 

Miyai Abe Griggs, the executive director for The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, says this exhibit was originally scheduled for May of 2020, but it did have to be delayed due to the pandemic. 

“We are really delighted that we are able to have this exhibit at the museum, this is a long time coming,” Griggs said. 

This will be the eighth sister show put on by the artists and Griggs says it is a special exhibit for the museum to host. 

“This one is special because it's a retrospective, so it spans about six decades of their work,” Griggs said. “So we have some pieces from Gloria when she was in elementary school up until now. They have been working towards this exhibit for several years now.” 

Despite being sisters, they have different styles and those who see the exhibit will be able to see a wide variety of art. 

“Gloria is really known for her watercolors. She is a nationally acclaimed watercolorist, so her work is primarily watercolors in the show. Sherian works more with three-dimensional, so she has a lot of sculptures, and various different things,” Griggs said. 

You will be able to see anything from watercolor paintings to clay sculptures. 

“It’s probably one of our most eclectic exhibits we’ve ever had at the museum. The two are very prolific and each of them by themselves probably could have easily filled the entire museum on their own, but of course they wanted to exhibit together as sisters,” Griggs said. 

Sisters Retrospective will be on display at The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho until August 13. To find out days the museum is open and ticket prices you can visit the museum’s website here.