Scott Franson, a faculty member in the Art Department at BYU-Idaho, is the featured artist at the latest exhibit in the Spori Art Gallery.

The exhibit, "Modules, Patterns and Repeats," begins Jan. 12, with an artist reception at 7:30 p.m., and will run through Feb. 16.

Franson said the exhibit focuses on different origami folding styles.

"It was an opportunity to explore the principle of repetition in art work," Franson told BYU-Idaho Radio during an interview.

He said he started with module origami, and then put together a group of six students to create an exhibit.

Franson said the exhibit focuses more on geometric shapes and structure, rather than traditional origami.

He said the exhibit features multiple pieces involving different facets of the arts, like music, and they tried to use various types of materials to create their structures.

"We ended up doing things in fabric and plaster and plastic and paper," Franson said. "One student created a structure with cards and laser-cut toggles - a building structure - and we just had a great time exploring the possibilities in repeating in art."

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