Visiting the doctor can often be difficult or unnecessary, but that is the problem with health, what chance are you willing to take on your body?

Using Telehealth

Telehealth is the practice of providing health services to people through new technology. In Rexburg, Dr. Clay Prince and Nichole Jeppsen are the co-founders of

This website allows patients to video call doctors or other health care providers and consult with them.

“We actually get a clinician, a prescribing practitioner either physician or a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant who is skilled and experienced in taking care these kind of issues,” Prince said. “Hopefully our goal is to take care of the issue take care of any prescriptions needed for the patient right there in the virtual visit.”

The goal is to keep as many people, who don’t need to, from having to go to the doctor’s office, an urgent care or emergency department where costs would be much higher.

What do They Treat?

Common problems people can call in for include rashes, colds, coughs and pink eye. Anything that would mostly just require a doctor to see you and ask questions.

EXCareMD is not something that should be used for any and all things.

Jeppsen says abdominal pain is an example of something they would not be able to treat over webcam, but many people use the video service to ask if they should go see a provider in person.

EZCareMD is available 24/7. To provide the constant service for patients, Jeppsen and Prince have spent much of their time just finding people to work and take shifts so everyone is covered.

Getting care through EZCareMD would involve a different process for the clinician to diagnose.

“It has to be a little bit different because we can’t actually do a strep test on their throat,” Jeppsen said. “Most medical problems can be really diagnosed just with a really good history from people.”

Jeppsen also pointed out that if they think it is just a cold and will be over soon, the patient can then schedule to see the same provider in a week and if things have not gotten better the physician may choose to then prescribe an antibiotic.


Their services are relatively inexpensive. Right now, they are offering a half-off deal of $12 a month for a single member and $37 for family care.

Prince and Jeppsen hope this website can fill a need in Idaho for people who live in rural areas who have to travel far for medical care. It could also help students who don’t have insurance that is used in Idaho.

If you want to learn more about this service go to their website at