BYU-Idaho Radio · Annalina Loomis Interview

Annalina Loomis is one of the founders and representatives of Superhero Animal Rescue in Rexburg. 

What originally started with just two cats has grown into a non-profit, non-kill shelter for cats. 

“My mom and I started with two little kittens, and we bottle-fed them, raised them and we actually ended up keeping them,” Loomis said. “We were just like, ‘Oh my gosh! This is such a problem,’ and then this other college student was like, ‘Oh, I see this problem too we should start something,’ so we got together and we were like, ‘Okay what can we do to help this?’” 

When they first started out they were taking cats into their own personal homes and they were doing the shelter like a foster-based program for the cats. They did this until another non-profit, 4 Paws, reached out to them. 

“4 Paws, who owns the property that we are on right now, they reached out and said they had a building that they have been using for 16 years that has been for the cats and that they aren’t using it right now and they asked if we wanted to use it,” Loomis said. 

They have been in the building for about three years now. The building is essentially just a house for the cats. The cats are allowed to roam freely around the house and to just exist.  

Loomis says they hope to be able to expand to other animals at some point but right now they only have room for cats and they are also focusing on fundraising to be able to buy the property from 4 Paws.  

“They have been very kind in giving us the first option to buy it,” Loomis said. 

You can find Superhero Animal Rescue on Instagram and Facebook @superherorescue. They have their Venmo and their GoFundMe linked in their bio and anytime they have volunteer hours available or charity sales going on, they post about them.