The well-known online retailer and cloud service provider Amazon say’s they’re “obsessed” with their customers. They’re attempting to prove that even further with a new package delivery system designed to keep surprise gifts a surprise. 

“We’ve all been there—trying to hide a gift from a curious child or making sure a loved one doesn’t find the surprise you’ve ordered,” said Patrick Supanc, WW Director of Amazon Hub. “Our growing network of delivery and pickup options gives Amazon customers more flexibility and control than ever before – and we will continue to innovate and bring even more convenience and choice to our customers.” 

This holiday season, and year-round, Amazon offers customers a variety of ‘spoiler free’ ways to track, pick up, and have packages delivered in and out of the home. 

Among those are Amazon Lockers which are self-service kiosks that give customers the option to pick up their Amazon packages at one of their locker locations that function similarly to post office boxes. 

Amazon Counter partners brick and mortar stores with online retail by delivering items to a store where it can be later picked up. Participating businesses include Rite Aid, GNC and Health Mart. 

Each of these relatively new options can be used to be sure that a gift coming for someone in the same home isn’t found out by an untimely delivery. 

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Amazon spokesperson Av Raichura said, “This year we’re trying to help customers have a spoiler-free holiday season by giving them even more options on how to receive and track their packages.“ 

Raichura also explained that many of Amazon’s new tools can additionally be used to help keep packages more secure upon delivery. 

Other in-depth delivery tracking options through Amazon include Map Tracking to see in real-time when a delivery truck is nearing your home. Photo-on Delivery sends customers a picture of the package on the porch once it’s been delivered.  

A Predicted Delivery Window estimates package arrival time within 2-4 hours and Share Tracking gives customers the option to send tracking information to friends or family so they can know when to expect a package ordered for them. 

Amazon’s Map Tracking, Photo-On-Delivery and Predicted Delivery Window features are available for packages delivered by Amazon in the U.S. Customers can access these convenient features from their Amazon app by enabling shipment notifications. 

More information about the new Amazon features is available at the Amazon Hub website. 

“Everything we do at Amazon is focused on our customer,” Raichura said. “Everything we do in terms of innovating and creating new services is about giving customers more choice and more convenience.”