She didn't choose this career. She never thought that she'd end up as a reporter for the only newspaper in 'America's Family Community'. Yet this is the job Amanda Beal was destined to do.

The Rexburg Standard Journal is a small newspaper. Even Beal admits it. There's only two reporters that are responsible for finding content for a paper that publishes three times a week. But that's the kind of town crier this town needs.

"We try to focus on local news, where a lot of bigger news organizations expand their coverage," said Beal. "They use a lot of national news. Most of our content is locally focused."

Beal said she enjoys playing to the interests of those who live in Rexburg. Having lived here for several years, she's a local herself.

Beal is also Brigham Young University-Idaho graduate. She earned her Bachelor's degree in English with a minor in communications. This combination of language and writing proficiency gave her the basic skills needed to undertake the challenge of continually pouring news stories into the reporting pot.

However, Beal said she has learned much since starting at the Standard Journal, and that she was surprised on how much she didn't know about reporting besides the basics. Photography, video editing, and being able to take on so many roles all at once were things only experience could teach her.

"I wasn't just a reporter, I covered all kinds of different topics," Beal said.

At the end of the day, Beal said, "the relationships that I've made here" are what's most important to her.

"A huge takeaway for me is all of the people that I have met and the things I've learned about this area and the love that I've acquired in this area."

Beal said it's important to read the community paper.

"You're here. You're a part of this community. Be involved in this community. Don't just attend the University."

You can listen to the full interview with Amanda Beal below.