This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker was Kevin Redd, the campus recreation advisor for BYU-Idaho. He spoke about what it means to align your light with Christ’s light.  

“As long as we are following the Savior and doing what he asks of us, we can help others do the same,” he said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.  

In his devotional, Redd gave an analogy of a tractor getting stuck in the mud, towing farm equipment. He likened a person to the tractor, and a sin to the farm equipment. We need to unhook the sin from our lives to keep moving forward.  

“In our mortal journey, if we are paying attention to the warnings or promptings we may receive along the way, we should be able to know when to turn away and unhook the equipment or just stop moving in that direction,” Redd said in his devotional. 

Redd said in his talk there are times when unhooking from the sin is not enough and you need help from others to overcome your sins, especially from Jesus Christ. In an interview, Redd also told BYU-Idaho Radio there’s one other element you may need to move forward. You need to forgive yourself. 

“If we are unhooked from the sin or what’s holding us there, but we stop moving forward, we’re still not going to get unstuck… even if someone is pulling on us… we still need to put forth the effort. When it comes to forgiving ourselves, sometimes we just stop moving for a while,” he said. 

Redd said that if we are keeping the commandments and aligning our will and our light with God’s, then we will be ok. We will be able to help others to do the same.