Alex Boyé is a singer and musical performer who incorporates his native African beat into pop songs. Most of his work is found on YouTube which includes complex and intricate music videos that feature cover song and some of his originals. Right now, Boyé is working on a mental health awareness campaign which includes two new songs called, "Bend not Break" and "Still Breathing." 


“I think it’s so important now, it’s something that we don’t want to talk about much, and I think we need to,” said Boyé in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. "A lot of times we have this thing where we don’t want to tell people our weaknesses and our problems. We've gotten into this social media age where everything is supposed to be perfect so their supposed to be great perfect smile perfect everything - and sometimes that is actually counteractive to what is real."  


He recently had an experience where a bishop of a church congregation put a comment about his music video "Bend Not Break" when it was first released on social media. The bishop told Boyé about his experience with depression and suicidal thoughtsBoyé was amazed at that and many other comments of others who hold higher ranks also struggle with some form of mental illness or insecurities.  


He also said he puts out these songs not to get rich and famous, but to create conversations. 

Boyé has been invited by former President George W. Bush in Texas for a private event as a tribute for his father George H.W. Bush who recently passed away.  


Boyé was also invited to the White House, working alongside the military pushing the mental health awareness initiative in relation to the many veteran suicides.  


Boyé said he enjoys visiting Idaho, which reminds him of his early school years in the countryside right outside London. He loves the people and creating long lasting relationships here. 


He told BYU-Idaho Radio about a song he wrote after visiting Idaho. It was after he first heard about the shooting in Orlando, Florida in 2016. He was just leaving Idaho and pulled over to write three songs that he later combined into one epic song inspired by these events. The song is called "We all bleed the same.He later turned it into a music video inspiring people to love others and to be yourself. 


These are attributes and lessons Boyé learned as he joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He later served a mission, joined a boy band, quit the band, started a family and continued in his musical career to where he is now performing all over the country working to inspire the world.