BYU-Idaho Radio · Two local businesses can help the elderly in your family age comfortably

Life brings its challenges, especially as you age, and David Debry and Chanse Powell want to help make the transition to senior living a positive experience. 

Debry is the president of Your Home Caregiving, which offers 24/7 live-in personal care for those who need full-time, in-home care. Powell is a part of Senior Solutions, which offers consulting on all options for senior care. 

There are different options for senior care, depending on the circumstances. DeBry and Powell help with services such as in-home caregiving, memory care, to Hospice services.  

Your Home Caregiving is designed for people who can’t be taken care of by family members, but want to stay in their home.  

“I just have a pool of caregivers that I move around and they go and live in the home until that person passes, and then they’ll go to the next home. It takes a special person to do that because they’re there all the time,” DeBry said. “You’ll find that these caregivers are special people, they feel it’s a calling in their life to do this and they just love taking care of the elderly.” 

DeBry and Powell make an effort to make this experience personalized and an enjoyable process for the elderly and the families involved.  

To get in contact with Your Home Caregiving, you can visit To contact Senior Solutions you can call (208) 821-0955 or email